Results-oriented strategic planning, in two days (or less).

Too often, strategic planning sessions start with enthusiasm and lofty goals, but finish without clear outcomes or buy-in.

We use visual mapping techniques and design-thinking, coupled with skilled facilitation and a proven methodology to guide teams through intensive strategy sessions that result in actionable plans, team buy-in, and individual accountability. By the end of a planning session, you will have a quarter-by-quarter plan that drives results and can be clearly communicated to your organization.

Our facilitators are seasoned executives and experienced facilitators who understand the importance of maximizing the time your leadership team spends in a planning session. Our goal is to drive participation and engagement from the team, guide the process so that it’s as efficient as possible, help to prioritize, and provide neutral, unbiased feedback along the way.

A typical strategic planning session takes two days, and is ideally held off-site.

Note that we’re not for everyone. Our sessions are intense, and demand that everyone is engaged and ready to participate 100%, with no excuses or interruptions (in other words, aside from periodic breaks, your ringers stay off and your smartphones stay in your pocket or briefcase).

Contact us for a free consultation and find out if we’re the right fit to lead your next strategy session.