Here are just a few ways we’ve helped our clients achieve better engagement and more actionable results in their strategic planning:

Brainstorming workshop to generate new ideas for reference applications (Haptic technology company)
Our client creates haptic technology that is licensed and bundled into current smartphones. As they release each new iteration of their technology, they create reference applications to show the extent of their technology, both to encourage their customers to include the latest technology in their smartphones, and to encourage their customers to use their technology in compelling ways.

The engineering had writers block, and felt they were starting to recycle the same ideas. They needed a way of continually coming up with new ideas for applications that would wow their customers.

We developed a one-day workshop based on Innovation Games methods to spur creativity and resulted in 5 new ideas for reference applications. More importantly, we taught their UX and Engineering team Innovation Games methods that they can use in their own brainstorming sessions.

Product planning workshop to create clear goals and priorities for engineering (Automotive performance parts manufacturer)
As a leading manufacturer of supercharger systems, our client continually needed to release new systems to support new car and truck models. As the list of platforms grew, so did their backlog, and release dates started to slip, putting them at risk of missing crucial market windows. To make matters worse, they were introducing new technology and new features, creating more backlog and churn, and were under intense pressure from new competitors.

We designed and facilitated a one-day planning meeting to prioritize new products by market opportunity vs time to manufacture, and create a one-year plan product plan. We used design thinking and visual brainstorming methods to get high-levels of participation, so that when we agreed on a plan, the whole team was bought in. Our client was able to deliver on the products with the highest ROI on time, matching or beating the competitors to market.

Facilitate monthly planning meetings for a new executive team (Consumer Packaged Goods company)
Our client is #1 in their segment, and growing rapidly. Originally a family business, they’ve grown organically, from a small-group of employees who each wore a lot of hats, to a larger team that was more specialized and functionally organized. As their business grew more complex, the CEO recognized the need for more structured planning, but didn’t want to lose the agile, open communication feel of the company.

We designed and facilitaeted a monthly planning agenda that focused on rapid decision making and accountability, blending traditional strategy methods with visual brainstorming that helped the new team to quickly gel and align.

Create a customer map for a new service (Automotive parts reseller):
Our client is an automotive parts reseller that is moving from a low-margin reselling business to a high-margin service business. They recognized that the way they would sell and market their service would be much different from their reselling business

We led their team through a customer-mapping exercise for the new service, to understand how their customers would discover, choose, buy, and interact with the new service. Because the whole team was involved in the process, there was immediate buy-in, allowing them to implement new sales and marketing strategies the next day.

Facilitate a brainstorming session to generate new ideas for demonstration applications (Network equipment manufacturer):
As an early adopter of WebRTC, my client was eager to show enterprise customers the potential of WebRTC. They wanted to create three reference applications with real-world applicability.

We created a brainstorming workshop using Innovation Games techniques to come up with dozens of ideas, which we then prioritized and chose the three best. From there we fleshed out the key functionality and story boards before handing them over to the UX and engineering teams to create. The three applications showed groundbreaking new applications for better end-user experiences using WebRTC.